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Rock Plaster Natural Colour

Luna Rock Plaster and Clay Plaster in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Individual Bathrooms-Wetrooms-Microcement in Newcastle-upon-Tyne provides Luna Rock Plaster and Earth (or Clay) Plaster to clients across Gateshead and surrounding areas.

Choose Your Plaster! We cover Hexham, Morpeth, Whitley Bay and Gateshead and surrounding areas.

At Individual Bathrooms-Wetrooms-Microcement, we have high quality, eco-friendly plaster for your walls. We offer two types of Luna plaster to ensure that you have options to suit your needs.


Our Rock Plaster is a single component eco resin that is highly versatile, with exceptional strength and water resistance. Our Earth Plaster is 100% natural and perfect for internal walls and ceilings, providing healthy and breathable finishes.

Luna rock plaster

Luna Rock Plaster

The possibilities for your walls are endless with our Rock Plaster. Made from a single component eco resin, this product is not only eco-friendly, but also highly versatile and provides exceptional strength and water resistance.


With a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, your walls are sure to make a statement. Perfect for DIY projects or professional use, order now and experience the versatility of Rock Plaster. The high-strength formulation ensures that it remains intact and long-lasting. It’s also mould resistant and easy to clean. If you want to transform your walls, this is the ideal choice.

Examples of Rock Plaster

Luna Earth Plaster

Luna Earth Plaster

Luna Earth Plaster is the perfect choice for those looking for a natural and sustainable wall covering solution. Made from a blend of unfired clay, minerals and pigments, it provides a healthy and breathable finish for internal walls and ceilings. Not only is it easy to apply, but it also gives a natural, textured look that is unique to each application.


Earth Plaster also regulates relative humidity and temperature, and absorbs toxins and odours, making your living space cleaner and fresher. With sound absorbing properties and fast application time, Earth Plaster is the perfect eco-friendly option for any DIY project or professional renovation.

Examples of Earth Plaster

Hydro Plaster in a wet room

Luna Hydro Plaster

Luna Hydro Plaster is highly versatile, fully waterproof and available for horizontal and vertical applications. It's ideal for bathrooms & wet rooms, and creates a beautiful option for worktops at home and in commercial environments.  It can be really put through its paces. In addition to water resistance, it boats great strength, cleanability and the resilience to withstand even the highest traffic areas.


Luna Hydro Plaster is 100% waterproof. We're so confident in the waterproof quality of this product that it comes with a lifetime waterproof guarantee. Easily cleaned and mold resistant, this natural looking plaster can even be applied outside.