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Microcement specialists

Individual Bathrooms-Wetrooms-Microcement are the microcement specialists in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We are partners with Luna.

The ultimate waterproof finish from the experts covering Hexham, Morpeth, Whitley Bay, Gateshead and surrounding areas

Choose microcement for the ultimate waterproof finish. We are specialists in its application and training.


Microcement has excellent strength and is also fire-retardant, fully waterproof and has a great resistance to bangs, scratches and chemical products. Microcement is a unique and bespoke covering, which guarantees a personalised and exclusive finish.

It is approximately 3mm thick and may be used on walls, floors, furniture and swimming pools in various finishes and textures. It can also be used with under-floor heating and comes with various colour options.

At Individual Bathrooms-Wetrooms-Microcement, we’re one of the leading experts in the UK on microcement and use one of the leading suppliers in our system. With years of experience working with microcement coating in interior design for businesses and homeowners, we provide second-to-none microcement services and training.

Are you unsure whether microcement is the right choice for your decor? Our team of specialists have compiled a list of everything you need to know about microcement. Get in touch for more details.

pink plastered bathroom with sink

Why people should choose microcement bathrooms!

Our microcement is amongst the most technologically advanced and most innovative on the market!

This incredible product is 100% waterproof through all layers and is extremely strong and durable, even prior to sealers being applied! It's extremely decorative and, with it being seamless, there are no unsightly grout joints or discolouration.

Microcement can appear under a variety of names, such as micro-concrete, polished cement alternative, and micro-seed. Unlike concrete which is typically poured in large volumes, microcement is a coating that is custom hand trowelled to multiple surfaces. With a thinness of 2 to 3 millimetres, microcement is a fast-drying and versatile construction material composed of cement, mineral pigments, and water-based resins. Microcement’s contemporary and modern look has made it a popular choice for architects and interior designers.

Microcement training to be the best in the business

We provide training in the application of microcement working in partnership with the SSA (Seamless Surface Academy) and our system. If you are looking for a career in the surface industry, then contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the very best training to be amongst the best in the business. With experienced trainers, providing practical, hands-on training, you can sure that you are getting the very best training.

Microcement is becoming increasingly popular

Microcement is becoming increasingly popular because it provides an easy solution to restoration and redecoration. Its installation causes minimal disruption because in most cases, you can simply apply it over existing surfaces. Particularly suitable for a modern aesthetic, its seamless finish is easy to clean. Using the latest in technology, it’s resistant to mould, damp and mildew and it’s perfect for a bespoke design, and it’s equally at home internally or externally.

Seamless design

Fully seamless surface coatings on bathroom & wetroom design, supply & installs. No unsightly grout joints unlike tiles. Suitable for high traffic floors.

Array of colours

Vast array of colours in a choice of textures. Low in VOC & solvent free! We can colour match to any of the top paint manufacturers.

100% waterproof

Technologically advanced microcement with unrivalled strength.

Microcement uses

Thanks to its high adherence properties, microcement can be applied on many different and surfaces, both horizontal and vertical. Unlike other materials that partially creates structural integrity in the room, microcement is applied on existing surfaces, including tiles, plasterboards, terrazzo, wood, etc.


Every layer in our system is fully waterproof before the application of sealers. 

  • Unrivalled level of strength

  • Application on walls

  • Application on stairs

  • Application on floors

  • Outdoors applications such as wall facades, terrace deck

  • Application on furniture clad and worktops

  • Application in swimming pools

As a result, the construction material is a fantastic choice for the renovation or customisation of bathrooms, wetrooms, living areas, offices, kitchens, patios and many more.

Colour options

Microcement can be used in many colour palettes, ensuring a decorative finish that matches your expectations. So, if you are looking for a strong and clean surface that doesn't look like plain concrete, microcement is the right solution for you. We offer a custom colour matching service.


Thanks to the thin coating, microcement is a durable and easy to maintain long-term approach to upgrading your interior. Unlike concrete, you don't have to worry about the structural load of your property. It doesn't compromise its strength and durability.

Easy maintenance

Microcement has a low permeability, making it resistant to moisture and suitable for applications exposed to high humidity levels, such as bathrooms and swimming pools. The coating is also easy to maintain and sanitise, remaining germ and bacteria-free, enhancing your space and your health at the same time.

Are you looking for microcement specialists to help you achieve the best finish for your bathroom, wetroom or kitchen?

Contact our specialist team at Individual Bathrooms-Wetrooms-Microcement in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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